August 29, 2021

I will be displaying 20 pieces of scenic artwork in a collection i call "Enjoying Nature" At Toast Coffeehouse in Port Jefferson, NY in the month of Sept.
Come enjoy some fantastic food, good company and some of my most popular scenic paintings all in an atmosphere that screams comfort.
Hope to see you there.

July 21, 2021

It's been a while since i posted here again due to having a life off of the internet, which i assume you all do as well.
This post is based on recent events in our society which trouble me immensely, one of which is the attempted coup on January 6th.
Republican morons will attempt to lick Donald dipshits boot even after he failed to hold onto his failure of a presidency and in doing so are attempting to lie about
something we all witnessed on live television. Senate Minority leader McCarthy is a clueless hick who would sell his own mother to the highest bidder.
Let's be honest, the Republican party is a failure of not only politics but also humanity and it should be exterminated as a political party.
The Republican party is filled with pedophiles, rapists, racists, liars, cheaters, alcoholics and murderers, but we still give them a podium to spout their lies from. Why?
Fuck Republicans, Fuck Donald Trump and Fuck his cult of idiots.

April 22, 2021

Today is my birthday, which i turn 45. I've gotten to an age when i stopped caring about birthdays because it's merely a reminder of how close to the end of the game i actually am.
Some people have huge gatherings for their day but i just wanted to have a calm, peaceful day with those extremely close to me. Whether it was in person or through technology,
those people know how special they are to me. Remember to cherish those in your life who cherish you in theirs because too often people neglect whats right in front of them.

April 12, 2021

It's a rainy day on Long Island and I find myself being bored with indoor activities. Usually I would work on some designs, paint, mix music, or play video games to distract my mind.
But all of that seems to interest me lately and it's not that i'll never do any of that stuff again, I just feel like i need something new.
I want to be outside more often and enjoy fresh air as much as possible this year. I've been single for roughly six years because I've wanted to work on myself and who I wanted to be.
I wasn't that person yet and I always felt like it was selfish to bring anyone through that struggle with me. But now that i've gotten closer to who i want to be, i would love to finally find
someone to share the finally steps of my life journey with. Who knows though? Maybe, I am just one of those souls who are destined to be alone?
Or maybe i'm one of those people who finds love late in life? Anything is possible and we have no idea what is around the corner for any of us.
Why waste time worrying about worst case scenario and instead embrace the possible.

April 2, 2021

It's been a while since i've updated this blog space of my website, but that's only because life happens and the internet doesn't always make time for real-life.
I finally recieved my first Covid vaccine shot today which happened to be Phizer vaccine and I get my second on the day after my birthday.
Yes, April is my birthday month and I have always had a special connection with spring time, nature and the ability of regrowth both physically as well as spiritually.
My birthday literally lands on earth day, April 22nd and I try to plant something whether it be for myself or somewhere random to give back some greenery in a
world of greys and mellow tones of industry.
As the weather begins to warm up on the east coast, I plan on getting outside more often and going skating to get in some cardio work as well as have fun.
It's tough to be turning 45 and still enjoy a hobbie that people constantly tell you to stop enjoying.
Although they mean well, I'm ok with the small tumbles or slams on my butt. Because when you land something the right way, it feels magical.
This month, I plan on doing all the things that make me happy and not worry about whether or not it makes anyone else happy.
This will be my month.

January 28, 2021

Everyday is another step forward and another opportunity to do something better than yesterday.
Throughout history, people have survived and thrived despite their environments or circumstances;
this pandemic will not be any different from the past plagues which we as a species survived and overcame.
Our previous government set humanity and survival up for failure by defunding specific fail safes we as a country
had in place for situations that call for extreme measures to be taken in order to bounce back as a society.
But when we have selfishness and greed run a government, they can't see the big picture beyond their own self intrests.
The foundation of business is supply and demand, but if a governing power allows for the "demand", or "the people",
to die off, the supply they depend on selling then lowers in value because it is then deemed surplus.
We didn't have business men and women running our government before, we had trust fund children who grew up
being given everything and never learning these fundementals of business leading the country down
a dark hole of moral bankruptcy.
Hopefully we can now get back to a normal level of governing despite there also being a pandemic
killing thousands of humans daily. Peace and Love and Safety to all of you who read this.

January 23, 2021

So, it's been a few days since i updated this blog, but that's because sometimes we all need
time to relax, disconnect with technology and reconnect with ourselves.
I've taken these few days to relax and work on some new artwork, practice some of my
VFX work and also take on a new project involving a secret cosplay.
Many forms of creativity at once can fight off any creative block that may come up.
An object in motion stays in motion, including our thoughts.
Today I plan on starting it off and ending it on a positive note.
I hope you all choose to do the same.

January 18, 2021

No matter what anyone tells you, Cannabis can change your life for the better.
I, like many people around the world, deal with stress and mental health issues.
If you've read my previous blog entries, you already know how i struggle with depression
openly to both show others that they aren't alone in their own struggle and have been using the
blog as a therapy device.
I'm open to trying certain medications that have been prescribed to me for anxiety and depression,
but they seem to only prevent me from having exterior emotions. As if the medication was created
to make others feel more comfortable while around you instead of dealing with the actual problem.
I have abused cannabis when i was younger and smoked my brain silly for thirteen years but as an adult,
i have been using cannabis in much smaller quantities to assist my prescribed medication help me heal.
I'm aware that Cannabis isn't a wonder drug, but it is a wonderful herb which can be used in conjunction
with other medications to either ease your pain, start up a hunger, or calm your mind.
All of that without any dangerous side effects.
If you are struggling with dangerous thoughts, I'd suggest exploring all options to find positivity in your life,
including Cannabis

January 17, 2021

The start of 2021 has been a tough one for me and my subconscious mind that seems to want to sabotage
any form of happiness i attempt to obtain. But with each day, I continue to try to do my best to look at
things in a positive light. Trying to believe in the "everything happens for a reason" trope.
But sometimes its harder to believe in such things when the "reason" never sees the light of day.
It's Sunday morning, mid-thirty degree weather and my brain is still recycling the negativity it
absorbed over night within a nightmare. Have you ever had a nightmare that ruined your day?
It seems as if the more psych-drugs I am given, the worse my dreams get and yet, they're supposed to help.
You may wonder why I share all of this with you.
It's because if i don't let the mental anguish out, it will certainly eat away at my conscious thoughts
and change who I am, making me more cynical and negative.
I can't allow that to happen, so this Blog or Journal is my public therapy device.
May we all get a good nights sleep and make some positive progress in the coming future.

January 16, 2021

Today was another day that i struggled to maintain a positive outlook on my future. I feel like it's important to start
writing my thoughts down whether they are negative or positive and then reviewing them later on that day.
This method gives me a different perspective on my situation considering i'm not in the same mindset,
even if the difference is minimal.
Either way, it is important for others to know that you are not alone when dealing with mental illness or depression.
Artists and creative people in general have been known to express their pain through
their craft because our voices usually go ignored.
I hope if anyone reads this blog, you know we are all on this planet together and
have the power to change each others lives for the better.
Peace, Love and Respect to you all.

January 15, 2021

A couple of days ago I was banned from Twitter for expressing my disgust for the domestic terrorists
who stormed the Capitol in support of the racist president we have been trying to remove from power
since he obtained the position of power.
I've decided to express my freedom of speech here on my own website instead of being a cry baby like some
Republican "official" who can't seem to understand terms and services agreements on social media platforms.
This will be the place from now on to keep up to date on my opinions and observations as an artist in the most
illogical reality we've ever experienced.
If you find yourself agreeing with my opinions, great. If you don't thats ok as well, because we are all
free to express ourselves individually.
Keep an eye on this site for updated blog entries including information regarding
upcoming shows and places to find my work on display.